Ajmal 'Mas Man' Millar 

Ajmal ‘Mas Man’ Millar was born in 1986 to Trinidadian immigrants in Brooklyn, NY. He is a self taught contemporary visual artist and MAS MAN (carnival costume designer). He currently lives in Atlanta, GA and has created carnival costuming (mas) for over twenty years.  Proud of his Trinidadian heritage, he finds ways to introduce it to the audiences here in the United States. The culture and traditions of Trinidad were instilled in him from an early age and it’s contributed to his point of reference and the voice of his work.  His art suggests how growing up in a household dedicated to creating colorful costumes influences his paintings. Conversely, he typically depicts how the influences of society affect his costume designs/themes. The subject matter of his art range from issues dealing with identity as a first generation African American Queer man of Caribbean decent to rituals/ concepts connected the African Diaspora. Using the environment as a medium to create from repurposed material and the power of representation of Black people in art, he has the ability to mix it all up in mixed media collage paintings, wire sculptures, and the potent Caribbean cultural performing art known as mas.

Ajmal graduated with a B.A. in English from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. In pursuit of his artist career, he studied at The Art Students League of New York in 2012. In addition, he has worked at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and The High Museum of Atlanta as a youngster. He has also participated in the Opening/Closing Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics, where he had the opportunity to perform in a costume by his idol and iconic costume designer Peter Minshall. From there until now, he continues on the path of sharing himself for art's sake and world peace.