“Mas is a vehicle for the expression of human energy.” And “mas”, he insists, is the only name for the art he practices — a unique artform that could not have evolved anywhere but Trinidad, a hybrid artform that combines the visual with the performative. This “living art that we make fresh every year”, Minshall argues, is the highest and deepest artistic expression of Trinidad. “Flesh and blood powers the mas . . . The energy passes from performer to spectator like an electrical charge . . . a moment that cannot, will not last — it passes quickly, leaving the mind singed . . . Our aesthetic is performance, the living now.” -Mas Man Peter Minshall

Following in the footsteps of the legendary Peter Minshall and the many mas people who came before brings me insurmountable joy. I intentionally allow the art form and traditions of mas to inform my art which is multidisciplinary in nature. My work includes mixed media paintings, live performances aka living paintings, photographs, sculpture, and of course, mas! I am thrilled to show you the various ways I create beauty and share my narrative as a Caribbean Black queer male living now.