JAB JAB! Collection

This collection of work is about the masked identity and revelation of self. Furthermore, it is about being a warrior and acknowledging the ability and strength necessary to endure the LICKS (hits/challenges) from the internal and external battles we fight. The collection of work is made of majority mixed media paintings and sculpture along with photographs that underscore my narrative as a Black Queer man of Caribbean descent, focuses on my passion for Mas, and gives me a vehicle to share social commentary I refer to as "Social Rap".

This is in my own way a tribute to JAB JAB as a cultural character of traditional Trinidadian carnival, a snapshot  into Black brotherhood, and an opportunity to contribute to the conversation surrounding Black representation as it relates to cultural gangs and fraternities. I wanted to try to give 'gang' or posse another face.  In America, a group of Black men dressed in one color and hooded would be stereotyped as thugs or criminals. In my Trinidadian culture, Black men portraying Jab Jab are dressed in unifying stripes, hooded, and wear mask while carrying whips. They are celebrated as warriors and champions carrying on the traditions dating back to the slave revolts known as Cannes Brules.  Therefore, I wanted to use the JAB JAB mas to show how a shift in perspective could shift one's belief or views about groups of congregating Men of COLOR.